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Why You Need Illinois Gutter Protection

Illinois Gutter Protection

Installing a leaf guard on your home is one of the smartest home improvements that can be made when it comes to reducing maintenance and eliminating the problems typically caused by dirty, clogged gutters.

There are a lot of questions out there when it comes to Illinois gutter protection, and we certainly want to help you make a well-informed decision. Let’s take a look at several of the most commonly asked questions.

Question One: What is the best type of Illinois gutter protection system?

Answer: Apologies in advance if this sounds a little bit cliché, but the best type of Illinois gutter protection for your home is the kind of Illinois gutter protection you choose to have installed. Certainly, a few specific designs and brands receive more rave reviews than some others do-but really the exact type of Illinois gutter protection that’s best for your home is the one you decide to go with to cover existing unprotected gutters. By installing leaf guards, you’ll save the time, money, and effort that normally all goes along with the dreaded task of frequent Illinois gutter cleaning.

Question Two: If I have Illinois gutter protection installed on my home, does that mean that I’ll never have to clean my gutters again?

Answer: Effective Illinois gutter guard systems work wonders in keeping ordinary debris and organic buildup from clogging up your home’s guttering systems all of the time. Maintenance will be all but eliminated-more so with some varieties of gutter covers than others. Even so, the need to take care of the gutters will go from practically every month to about once every couple of years-and even then, the amount of cleaning required will usually be easy enough to do with a simple flushing with a garden hose.

Question Three: Will Illinois gutter covers work on my historical home’s box-style gutters?

Answer: While the sizes and shapes of gutters have been more or less standardized over the last several decades, many older homes still have gutters that don’t necessarily fit the mold of today’s designs. If this is the case with your home, there very well may be a perfect Illinois gutter protection solution available for your needs. However, a professional will likely need to measure and consider the options available on a case-by-case basis.

Question Four: Does having Illinois gutter covers reduce the water handling capacity of the gutters?

Answer: In most cases, with most Illinois gutter protection designs, the answer is a resounding “not at all!” All quality gutter covers have gone through a robust cycle of expert design and testing to ensure that they do not adversely affect the water shedding capacity of standard gutters. And naturally, by blocking the leaves, twigs, and debris that usually clog a home’s gutters, the water flow will be better than ever!

Question Five: Can I install gutter covers myself?

Answer: It’s best to go with a professional certified installer. Because all Illinois gutter systems are different in size, shape, and complexity, installing Illinois gutter protection is not an easy “snap-in-place” solution. Custom measuring, fitting, trimming, and fastening are always a part of the installation process. And installing many of the proven-effective proprietary designs requires special hardware and tooling that are just not available at the big box store.

Again, having Illinois gutter protection installed on your home is one of the most practical ways to reduce maintenance and ensure proper Illinois gutter functionality all year long!

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