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Is it too late in the year to install shingles on my roof?

That is a great question and it depends on the outside temperature and also the overall exposure of the house. For example, if you live in the country, or in wide open terrain, it would not be advised to install a shingled roof system late into the fall. That is unless the outside temperatures were above normal like we are experiencing this year.

If your house is located in town and is primarily sheltered from the wind it may be OK to install a shingled roof. Many roofers want to work all year because there is not a lot of work in the winter and this helps their cash flow. If the roof is installed in temperatures that are too cold for the shingles to seal you run the risk of “blow offs”. Shingles that are blown off by the wind is an all too common occurance and is attrubuted nearly 100% of the time to installation error. The most common installation errors are high nail placement, shingling when it’s too hot or shingling when it’s too cold.

If you live in an area that is in wide open terrain it would not be advised to roof when the average daily temperature does not rise above 45 degrees during the application of the shingles.

Many Dekalb Roofers and Sycamore Roofers would rather work and collect a few bucks rather than wait until the weather is better suited for proper shingle installation.

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