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What You Need To Know About Roof Repair After Storm Damage

Dekalb County Storm Damage Roof RepairsStorms can be incredibly destructive to a home. Our homes can go through some pretty incredible weather at times. Storm weather produces high winds and lashing rain, then comes along tornado force winds that carry loads of debris. It’s no wonder that so many homes are totally destroyed.

One of the first areas damaged by high winds and hail is the roof. If we’re lucky, that’s the only area with damage. The roof has to stand up to the weather, but it cannot when the forces of nature are too strong.

There are always going to be times when roofs get damaged by storms. Homeowners need to know some things about roof repairs after storm damage.

Our first and most important bit of advice is for you to be sure the roof repairs are done right away after storm damage. Don’t wait or you’ll pay for it later.

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Insurance Damage Inspections Are Not The Same As Private Inspections

Once a roof is damaged, even a little bit, rain and moisture leak in. The problem is that the leak isn’t noticed for some time afterward unless damage is obvious. When there are missing shingles or other obvious clues, it’s vital to get the roof inspected and repaired by an Illinois roofing contractor you trust. They should be properly credentialed to perform professional roof inspections.

If insurance is involved, you’ll also have an inspection done by your homeowner’s hazard insurance company. This inspector is hired by the insurance company and will have the best interests of their client in mind and not yours.

You should know that claims are not always fully paid and that the payout of the claim can often be negotiated if you can prove that the full repairs must be done. This is why you’ll need your roof inspected by your roofer.

You’ll have documented proof of the damage done by the storm. And, you’ll have someone on your side that wants to help you get your roof completely restored. Your roofing company should be skilled to perform the storm damage inspection.

About Roof & Storm Damage Inspections

If you hire a roof inspector after storm damage, they will inspect your roof and evaluate all materials needed for
repair. From the support structure to the outer layer, every inch of your roof will be assessed in order to advise you and your insurance company of the needed repairs.

A detailed report will be given to you which you can submit to the insurance company that lists all the materials needed for each portion of your roof structure that needs restoring. From there, the payout of the claim can be negotiated and any margins available on depreciation.

With a professional roof inspection, you’ll have the additional bargaining power to get the most out of your claim. It’s important to compare the inspections together and try to negotiate any repair information that differs from what your inspection says is necessary. Otherwise, you either pay for the difference or you have to tell your roofer not to do that part.

Regular roof inspections are also done on a regular basis for homeowners who want to keep their roof structure strong and durable. Our professionals can easily spot problem areas that aren’t visible to the untrained eye which could potentially cost thousands very quickly if enough damage is done.

Even a small, little hole left from a nail that has come loose will allow water into the underlying areas when it rains. Not only does it damage your insulation, wood, and other materials but in as little as three days you will have a nice warm spot for mold to grow.

So keeping the roof in good repair is something a lot of homeowners want to do at least yearly or any time they don’t trust the condition of their roof.

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