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Technician Seal of Safety

What is the “Technician Seal of Safety”?

safety roofingThis mark, when displayed by a contractor, indicates our dedication to protecting the safety and well-being of you and your family. Before you became our customer, did you ever open your door to a service repairman only to feel extremely uncomfortable once he was inside your house?

It’s not something many people think about until it’s too late, but anyone who might feel uncomfortable at home alone with a service technician deserves to know they are safe from harm, including:

roofing contractors women at home alone or with small children during the day
roofing contractors elderly homeowners
roofing contractors disabled individuals
roofing contractors anyone else who is concerned about their personal safety and the security of their home and their belongings

Look for the Technician Seal of Safety

You can minimize your risk when hiring a contractor by going with one who displays the “Technician Seal of Safety”. You owe it to yourself and your family to make sure that you are inviting individuals into your home who have been screened by a criminal background check and who are routinely tested for illegal drug use.

That’s why we display this symbol, to let you, the homeowner, know at a glance that we stand out from the crowd when it comes to protecting the safety of you and your family.

Now, most contractors in the home services business do not bother to practice such stringent policies as background checks, routine drug testing, and professional training. But that’s what distinguishes us from the all the rest. When you see the “Technician Seal of Safety” you know you’re dealing with a professional who cares about your personal safety, the safety of your family, and the well-being and security of your home.

Don’t Take Chances … Only Hire a Contractor who Bears the “Technician Seal of Safety”

While it is not our intent to scare anyone, we feel obligated to mention that there are random acts of violence against homeowners by contractors.

Last year, a Florida woman was killed by a registered sex offender who was performing duct cleaning in her home. If only the company hiring him would have performed a background check.

In another instance, a service technician in the Minneapolis area was convicted on several counts for stealing from customers’ homes. Not the type of guy you want to let out of your site in your house.

Last year, an unsuspecting housewife in Missouri hired a “Cheap Charlie” electrician only to have him call back two weeks later and make lewd remarks over the telephone. What if this guy had done more than just make telephone calls?

Important Enough to Make Background Checks the Law

Based on the unfortunate incident in Florida, five women legislators from the State of Georgia have sponsored a bill that would require employers to conduct criminal background checks on workers before they would be allowed to enter the home. The sponsors wrote the bill with women in mind, since women are more likely than men to be home alone for service calls. For more information on this law, click here.

Ask to See our Technician Seal of Safety Identification Badge: Let Us Assure You of Your Safety

As our customer, you are one of the many local homeowners who are enjoying the peace of mind that comes with our symbol of trust, the “Technician Seal of Safety”. When we set an appointment with you, we will send you a picture of our technician via email ahead of time, so that you know who to expect at your door prior to the service call. It’s our way of delivering outstanding service and peace of mind.

Learn More about "Seal of Safety".

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