owens corning sidingOwens Corning vinyl siding is backed by the strongest warranty in the industry -- a non-prorated, transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty from Owens Corning.

Will the vinyl siding scratch and show a different color?
The color you see on the surface goes completely through Owens Corning vinyl siding - so you will not see a different color if the siding is scratched.

Will Owens Corning vinyl siding look as good years from now as it does today?
Durable construction means Owens Corning vinyl siding will stand up to the elements, no matter what type of climate. Over the years, you won't have to worry about additional upkeep costs because vinyl siding won't rot, peel, warp or harbor insects like wood or dent like aluminum.

Can Owens Corning vinyl siding withstand harsh weather conditions?
Vinyl siding is known for its ability to withstand the elements, so it is an appropriate choice for a variety of climates -- from intense sunlight in the southern states to freezing winters with snow storms in the north. Unlike aluminum siding, vinyl resists denting or other damage from hail or harsh weather.

How much does it cost to side a home?
Because we offer siding at a number of price points to fit any need and any budget, and because every home and siding job is unique, there is no way to immediately answer this question. The best thing to do is invite a siding contractor to your home so he can measure it accurately and discuss other needs you may have.

Are there any other materials that are better than vinyl?
Not when it comes to siding. Vinyl siding's outstanding features and benefits have made it the most popular siding material in America today. And because vinyl is the preferred siding for more and more homeowners, it retains most of its installed cost (see previous question for details). It's the material of choice on new luxury homes...and the first choice for remodeling projects large and small.

Is one season better than another to have my new siding installed?
No. You can have your vinyl siding installed in any season, as your schedule and budget allow. But keep in mind that some contractors are more available during the off-seasons.